About ISMS Consulting Ltd

About ISMS Consulting

ISMS Consulting Ltd is duly incorporated under the relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to carry on business in the following areas:

  • Information Management Services (IMS).
  • Information Systems Auditing,
  • Information Security (IS),
  • Risk Management Assurance,
  • IT Certifications Training,
  • Proctorship,
  • Sales and Marketing,
  • Internal Controls
  • Tax and Finance Consulting, Training and Development in the above areas of specialty, etc.

Why you should do Business with us:

To dispense only the best quality of service, we have aligned with Multinationals and IT Industries in order to serve you better. ISMS is internationally recognized by the D & B Global Database Organization in South Asia, Middle East. Other partners include NNPC, ICAN, Cisco, CISA, PMI etc.

Our Training Style

The focus of all training conducted by us is to improve the productivity level of Companies. Therefore, we have mapped out several ways to make your experience with us “Results Oriented”.

Our business style

As a Certified member with Project Management Institute (PMI), All Participants learn project management techniques and execution skill as a borrowed Course. We brag of highly experienced, seasoned and Certified Instructors with over 15 to 40 years experience in Consulting and Training, your training with us will be a “turning Point”.


ISMS is a consulting Firm saddled with the responsibility of providing value-added services and products to persons, companies and organizations in order for them to continue as going-concerns. ISMS was established and run by a team of highly specialized and motivated professionals and consultants who jointly work to ensure that custom needs of each client are met effectively and efficiently.

Our Workforce

We deploy the best of Hands in executing all Projects professionally; our strength is “Meeting up with Deadlines and Quality Assurance”. We brag of highly experienced, seasoned and Certified Experts with over 15 to 40 years’ experience in Consulting and Training We train and retrain Staff of Corporate Organisations for the purpose of cost effective operations, Maximizing profit, Risk Management, Customer Service, Project Management and boosting the company’s overall growth and development.

Facts About Us

  1. We are PMP and CISA Certified
  2. We hold 40 years’ experience in Clients Consulting
  3. We have NNPC and Other Multinationals as our Partners!